Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rent Fashion - Best Place to Visit

Rent Fashion | You may already know the term of Rent Fashion, which is currently a trend in the world of fashion. Rent Fashion is a term that refers to a fashion rental service. By using this service, you can get couture work from famous fashion designers. If you are a fan of the works of fashion designer Biyan for example, you can get the latest collection from Biyan without having to buy it. You just have to look for a fashion store that provides the collection and rent it.

Rent fashion has become a trend in many major cities around the world. from New York, Jakarta, Singapore to London. there are many emerging fashion on-line stores that are beginning to provide fashion rental services, you no longer have to go far out of the country to get the latest collection of your famous favorite fashion designer.

rent fashion

One of the famous fashion rental store and has the best collection and located in the city of London is Oprent. Oprent is a luxury fashion rental service based in London, offering statement pieces from the most coveted runway designers at a fraction of the price. Our curated collection includes both current and some past season pieces. Oprent is London’s premium online destination to rent luxury designer fashion on demand.

Oprent Rent Fashion - Best Place to Visit

Oprent began with a daydream. A vision of a world where I could simply walk into any designer store and leave with a dress borrowed at a fraction of the price. Why buy another expensive dress I would only wear once? Everyone has a story behind a certain beautiful purchase, but after some time we shelve them and forget about them. Oprent focuses on creating a remarkable luxury experience for people to bring maximum life into every beautiful luxury piece by changing the way we access them.

Oprent is Europe’s first and premium destination to rent high fashion on demand, giving you unprecedented access to the latest and most coveted runway pieces available for hire from brands, style icons and boutiques. Our dedicated concierge and team of stylists offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs and providing you a seamless rental experience. We handle dry-cleaning, deliveries and insurance.

Oprent focuses on producing highly editorialized content and an expertly curated lineup of the most show-stopping and trendiest pieces from estabilished luxury and emerging designers. Our proprierty technology allows you to request a selection of next-season’s looks, helping us and our partners build your ultimate dream closet.

When our clients rent with Oprent, they recieve an unsurpassed concierge service tailored to their every need. Our commitment is to help you look and feel your best at every occasion. At Oprent, we value experience and moments.

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